Madrugada (Sivert Høyem)《Honey Bee》

歌曲名稱:Madrugada (Sivert Høyem)
     《Honey Bee》
專輯名稱:Madrugada (Madrugada》
唱片公司:Malabar Recording Company / EMI
發行日期:2008 January
作  曲:
作  詞:Sivert Høyem
編  曲:
監  製:

Honey bee, come buzzing me
I ain't seen you for so long
I need to feel you, I mean the real you
Like the one described to me in a song
Out in the woods, tall pine tree woods
She gave sweet loving to me
Her woodland grace, her soft embrace
My face in shadow, Honey bee
Won't you come see me in the morning?
Won't you come see me late at night?

For it ain't right, no it just ain't right
You're meant to turn away from the light
Night , all my lights are on
I need a little one on one
This useless, helpless feeling
A young man should be blessed with love
There's just flesh and fire below
This drunken, senseless reeling

Hands on my face, some silk and lace
Sweet perfume kisses for me
Wherever you burn, I have returned
You lucky lady, Honey bee
I have to leave you in the morning
You always wanted to be free
Stay with me, sweet lucky lady
Don't ever leave me, Honey bee

Awake in cold places, cool ice and icy faces
Some dead and some living
Most of them doing something in between
My lady in waiting, must have turned to hating me
Some bitter awakening this has been
The next time she calls I'm gonna let her in
The next time she calls I'm gonna let her in
And if she leaves me in the morning
At least we both have been relieved

Now stay with me
Stay with me, sweet lucky lady
Don't you ever leave me, Honey bee

[2009 May 16]










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